What is the Thai Lotto?

The Thai Lotto is a game that is extremely popular in Thailand. It is a game that is run by the Government Lottery Office (GLO), a state-run entity. In fact, it is the only legal gambling option available in the country. There are two types of tickets offered in the lottery. They are the Government Lottery (TGL) ticket and the Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) ticket.

One of the most exciting things about the Thai Lotto is the chance to win. You can actually buy a ticket and have a chance to win up to B6 million. However, you must remember that the odds are not very good.

The official Thai Lotto website allows you to check out the number of prizes available. Each month, there are two draws for the lottery. A ticket can be bought for as little as 80 baht. After you purchase a ticket, it will be sent to your home. When it arrives, it will be printed on a special yellow paper with a silk thread and a two-tone watermark. This is a fancy way to say that the ticket is coated with chemicals.

Another great thing about the Thai Lotto is the legislative framework that determines the operations of the game. For instance, the government is supposed to allocate a certain percentage of the total ticket sales to various national causes. These funds are then allocated to a variety of projects.

The first prize in the lottery is B2 million. The second prize is a bit bigger, at B100,000; while the third prize is a more modest 40,000 baht. If หวยใบเขียว can match the six-digit number on your ticket, you may win one of the larger prizes.

The jackpot prize used to be as large as B30 million. In fact, it used to be the largest lottery prize in the world. But the military government eliminated the bonus prize after 1 August 2015.

If you are lucky enough to have the smallest prize, you can get a prize worth a thousand baht. Basically, the smallest prize is the lucky winner of a ticket.

To be more precise, the smallest prize is given out to 10,000 lucky ticket holders. The Thai Lotto also has a second-tier prize, which is the smallest of the large prize numbers.

While the Thai Lotto has been around for many years, the system changed dramatically when the military took power in 2014. That is why a new lottery scheme was introduced, which would increase the numbers of lottery tickets available to the public by 7-8 million.

The biggest draw of the Thai Lotto is that the ticket can be purchased for as little as 80 baht. This is a big difference from the price of a traditional lottery ticket. Some brokers put a percentage on top of the ticket to generate income.

To get the newest winning numbers and news about the Thai Lotto, visit the official website or bookmark one of the websites listed below.